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Director of Child Nutrition

La Porte Community School Corporation – Posted by ekroll | 16 Apr 2019
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Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in Food and Nutrition, Food Service Management, Dietetics, or Culinary Arts; administrative/supervisory experience in school food service preferred; knowledge of computers, nutritional-analysis software, Excel, and district on-line programming.

Job Description
La Porte Community School Corporation

JOB TITLE: Director of Child Nutrition

SUMMARY: Organize and direct the School Nutrition Program to provide quality food service in a cost-efficient manner; supervises a staff of 1 field coordinator, 2 office support personnel, and 85 food service workers in 8 elementary schools, 2 middle schools, 1 high school and one k-12 school.

Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree in Food and Nutrition, Food Service Management, Dietetics, Culinary Arts, or a related field, and a minimum of two years’ successful experience.

Immediate Supervisor: Chief Financial Officer

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS include the following. Other duties may be assigned.

Program Management and Accountability
• Ensures the SNP is in compliance with all local, state, and federal laws, regulations, and policies.
• Implements the free and reduced price meal program in a manner that protects and preserves the civil rights of all students.
• Ensures compliance with the processing, approval, and verification of free and reduced meal benefits.
• Ensures an accurate meal counting and claiming system throughout the district.
• Implements corrective action, when needed, to address any deficiencies identified within the SNP.
• Effectively trains SNP staff, school administrators, and other school support staff to address corrective actions.
• Monitors the district’s agreement with the IDOE, School and Community Nutrition to ensure the district complies with the provisions of the Child Nutrition programs.
• Contributes to the nutrition education and nutrition promotion components of the district’s local wellness policy by serving as part of the LEAs School Wellness Committee.
• Implements, plans, and oversees all concessions for middle and high school sporting events district wide.
• Meets the requirements for implementing Smart Snack guidelines for the SNP and the LEA.
• Conducts routine on-site reviews of all facilities operated by the LEA.
• Employs management techniques to operate an effective and efficient program.
• Through strategic planning, develops short and long term goals for the SNO, supporting the philosophy and policies of the LEA and Board of Education.
• Ensures the allocation of USDA Food is appropriately ordered, planned for use, and safely stored.
• Reviews current research information to determine health and nutrition-related trends and management techniques, and then develops innovative program changes and expansions
• Develops guidelines for providing services in response to disaster or emergency situations.
• Develops a long-range program for establishing professional status for the SNP’s role in the education community.
• Updates and maintains the Child Nutrition Program web Sponsor Summary information each program year.
• Implements, supervises, and meets compliance requirements for s SFSP.
• Implements, supervises, and meets compliance requirements for After School Snack Programs.

Facilities and Equipment Management
• Evaluates and projects facility and equipment needs for the SNP.
• Coordinates maintenance and repair of equipment and food preparation facilities.
• Conducts follow-up on completed repairs and maintenance.

Financial Management
• Monitors the SNP and SFSP’s use of federal, state, and local funds to ensure they are used only for allowable purposes.
• Manages the SN and SFSO using appropriate financial management techniques.
• Establishes measurable financial objectives and goals for the SNO and SFSP.
• Projects operating costs based on meal equivalents.
• Projects the annual operating budget based on revenue and expenditure forecasts.
• Prepares justifications for budget requests.
• Develops, implements, and monitors internal controls to ensure financial accountability and program integrity.
• Establishes inventory management and control systems.
• Implements efficient management techniques to ensure all records and supporting documentation are maintained per local, state, and federal laws and policies.
• Completes the annual Paid Lunch Equity Tool to recommend reimbursable meal paid pricing.
• Establishes and justifies Non-Program Food pricing.
• Completes the Revenue from Non-Program Food Tool.
• Tracks revenues and expenditures by object codes.
• Implements and monitors a reliable system of cash management.
• Oversees payment of invoices in an accurate and timely manner.
• Maintains a fixed asset inventory.
• Prepares and submits required financial reports in a timely manner.
• Retains appropriate financial and participation records.
• Works with appropriate department personnel to complete the Annual Financial Report for the state.
Food Production and Operation Management
• Develops procedures to ensure the food production system provides safe, nutritious foods of high quality.
• Ensures operational procedures for efficient and effective food production and distribution.
• Establishes, implements, and evaluates policies and procedures for quality standards and quantity control.
• Establishes quality standards for the presentation of service of food.
• Provides leadership in developing recipes following USDA meal pattern guidelines.
• Ensures daily production records are completed accurately for each meal type in each school.
• Plans menus for breakfast, lunch, afterschool snack, summer feeding and catering programs.
• Ensures all breakfast, lunch, and afterschool snacks served to students meet current USDA requirements.
• Assesses the program to determine if summer feeding is viable for the students in the LEA.
• Implements a plan for providing food service for special functions consistent with Board Of Education policies.
• Implements, plans, and oversees special events/catering.
• Implements, plans, and oversees all concessions for middle and high school sporting events district wide.
Food Security, Sanitation, and Safety
• Develops, implements, and monitors the required USDA food safety plan.
• Ensures each school is inspected bi-annually by the Department of Health.
• Establishes procedures to ensure food is prepared and served in a sanitary and safe environment.
• Develops and integrates employee safety regulations into all phases of the school nutrition operation.
• Establishes procedures and policies for risk management.
• Maintains Food Safety Certification recognized by the Department of Health.
Customer Service, Marketing, and Communication
• Implements a district-wide customer service driven philosophy that focuses on value and satisfaction.
• Develops specific marketing plans geared to students, parents, teachers, administrators, support staff, and/or the community.
• Conducts an on-going evaluation of the marketing plan.
• Communicates program information to encourage and secure support for the SNP from the Board of Education, administrators, faculty, students, parents, and the community.
• Develops social marketing plans to involve students, parents, school personnel, and community partners in the district’s SNP and SFSP.
• Seeks and responds to student, parent, media, community, and other concerns.
• Maintains relationships with community agencies and collaborates to achieve mutual goals.
• Prepares appropriate newsletters, news releases, and brochures to inform, involve and engage the community in various Child Nutrition initiatives.
• Engages stake holders using a variety of social media communication techniques.
Menu and Nutrition Management
• Develops cost-effective menus that maintain nutrition integrity and meet all local, state, and federal guidelines and regulations.
• Integrates USDA food(s) into menus.
• Assesses customer preferences, industry trends, and current research to plan menus that encourage participation in the SNP and SFSP.
• Works with school staff, nurses, teachers, parents, and health care providers who have prescriptive authority to plan menus for children with special nutrition needs.
• Develops or implements customer friendly recipes and offers methods of culinary training to school food service staff.
• Includes and identifies locally grown foods when developing menus and recipes.
• Contributes to the nutrition education and nutrition promotion of the LEAs local Wellness Policy; and serves on the Wellness Committee.
Human Resource Management
• Implements personnel policies and procedures for the SNP and SFSP in compliance with local, state, and federal regulations and laws.
• Develops job performance standards that provide for performance improvement.
• Develops methods for hiring, training, and evaluating personnel that recognize education, experience, performance, and certification.
• Establishes procedures to implement employee contract agreements, progressive discipline, and formal grievances.
• Meets training requirements of Professional Development Standards for SNP personnel.
• Annually receives training and trains all school staff working with the SNP and SFSP on Civil Rights.
Procurement and Inventory Management
• Meets program compliance requirements for procurement of all food, supplies, and equipment for the SNP and SFSP.
• Conducts annual line item bidding in order to maintain a cost-effective procurement system.
• Implements and adheres to a strict code of conduct for procurement using federal, state, and local money.
• Develops purchasing guidelines to ensure purchased food and supplies, including locally procured foods, reflect product knowledge, customer preferences, district needs, policies, and nutrition objectives.
• Establishes standards for receiving, storing, and inventorying food and non-food supplies based on sound principles of management.
• Effectively orders, inventories, and uses USDA food.
Technology and Information Systems – NutriKids/Skyward/Interflex
• Implements management information systems that increase the productivity and efficiency of the SNP and SFSP.
• Trains staff to use computer technology in individual school sites to improve management control and information.
• Implements an up-to-date web based data information system for parents, students, staff, administrators, and the community.
• Conducts direct certification and direct verification through the Indiana STN Website.
Terms of Employment
• 260 day work calendar with salary and fringe benefits determined by the Board of School Trustees.

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