Job Definition:

Under general supervision of the DON and Nursing Supervisor, responsible for supervising Licensed Practical Nurses and Certified Nursing Assistants, to provide quality nursing care to residents.  Assumes the role of Nursing Supervisor when assigned.



·       Graduate from an accredited professional school of nursing.  Registered Nurse currently licensed by the State of Indiana.

·       Three to six months of related work experience preferred.  Evidence of basic leadership skills and supervision.

·       Comprehensive knowledge of general nursing theory and practice.  Knowledge of principles of personnel administration in assigning, supervising, and evaluating staff activities.  Familiarity with the organization and functions of all departments.  Understanding of the needs of the patients, the ability to relate to the patients and their families.  Ability to respond promptly to emergency situations.



Full-time, Part-time, PRN position.  Holiday scheduling is according to patient care needs; may require to work on short notice or on a different unit if necessary to meet resident care needs.


Job Relationships

Responsible to:           Responsible and directly accountable to the DON and Nurse Supervisor.

Workers Supervised:  Licensed Practical Nurses and Certified Nursing Assistants.

Interrelationships:      Will consult the Nursing Supervisor; and supervising Aides / LPNs as needed.


Equipment Used:

Medication carts, IV pumps, oxygen equipment, common electric switches, hydraulic lifts, wheelchairs, walkers, transport shower chairs, bedside commodes, bathing equipment, thermometers, carts, electronic beds, special mattresses.


Job Location and Working Conditions

·       Majority of work performed on nursing units in direct contact with residents.

·       Occasional exposure to blood or body fluids as required to perform personal care for residents.

·       Continuous exposure to hazardous chemicals, such as disinfectants, cleaners, soap and etc.

·       Continuous exposure to latex, plastic and/or materials that are used for personal protective equipment

·       Occasional exposure to bodily injuries due to unpredictable behavior of residents.

·       Frequent exposure to unpleasant noises due to the unpredictable behavior of residents.



·       Frequent exposure to unpleasant odors as related to incontinent residents.

·       Seasonal exposure to high humidity due to resident’s option to control their own environment.

·       Potential for exposure to verbal and physical abuse from residents.

·       Frequent exposure to microbial, bacterial, and other infectious agents inherent to the care of ill/dying residents.


Principle Duties and Responsibilities:


A.    Organization

·       Demonstrates behaviors consistent with organizational mission and goals.

·       Validates that the competence of personnel is maintained.

·       Maintains current professional credentials.

·       Demonstrates behaviors that promote team building.

·       Participates in facility Quality Improvement Programs as determined by supervisor.

·       Demonstrates behaviors that promote positive customer relations with staff, patients, and visitors.

·       Follows Patient Rights policies at all times.

·       Accepts accountability for information contained in Healthwin’s Policy & Procedures.

·       Follows policies and procedures for infection control.  Facility safety and hazardous material in accordance with regulatory guidelines.

·       Attend all mandatory in-services.

·       Demonstrate accurate knowledge of adult resident care appropriately for age group adult/geriatrics.

·       Demonstrate practices to keep all medical information protected and confidential.

·       Demonstrate the correct use of a fire extinguisher.

·       Comes to work as scheduled and consistently demonstrates dependability and punctuality.

·       Accepts assigned duties in a cooperative manner.


B.    Job Specific


·       Provides and directs resident care in accordance with SNF/ICF guidelines, Nursing Home Rules & Regulations, Resident’s Bill of Rights, Nursing Service Policies and procedures, and the organization’s Employee Personnel Handbook.

·       Calls for or accepts verbal and written orders from resident’s physician, transcribes and carries them out, and documents accurately.

·       Performs patient assessments accurately and in a timely manner on admission and according to policy thereafter.

·       Orders and administers prescribed medications according to Nursing Policies & Procedures; observes and records response to same; includes oral, IM, IV, and other routes of administration.

·       Performs treatments and procedures according to physician’s orders and Nursing Policy & Procedures, records patient’s response.

·       Assists in general nursing care by answering call lights, assisting with resident’s transfers, ambulation, bathing, and making beds.  Assist in the care of the deceased.


·       Performs emergency measures as necessary and initiates corrected measures as necessary, reports same to Nursing Supervisor, records as indicated.  Operates equipment required for resident care in a safe correct manner.

·       Assists physicians during the examination and/or treatment of residents.  Reviews orders with physicians and suggests changes based on the resident’s condition.  Assist with the level of care determination of residents.

·       Observes nursing care and visits all patients under his/her care to ensure that nursing care is carried out as directed and treatment is administered in accordance with physician instruction and to ascertain the need for additional or modified services.  Participates in multidisciplinary staffing as directed.

·       Maintains a safe environment for residents by monitoring and observing aseptics, lifting, transferring, safety techniques, and documentation of nursing assistants on the unit.

·       Initiates and updates care plans for residents.